We want you to be prepared with everything you need to know to enhance the BOB experience even more. This is why we have included this Question and Answer section. It should answer any questions you may have about the BOB itself, the BOB Underwater Adventure, safety and health issues, and what to expect while exploring in an underwater paradise.

Q: How long is the BOB Underwater Adventure?

A: The BOB excursion lasts between 2 and 2-1/2 hours (time varies slightly due to different locations).

Q: Why don’t you always go to the same location?

A: Depending on the sea and weather conditions, we may choose from a number of different locations so that we can make sure you have the most fun on your trip.

Q: What time do the tours start and end?

A: Please see our Booking page for departure, tour times and details.

Q: Can anyone participate in the BOB Underwater Adventure?

A: Most people can, however there are a few restrictions: customer must be at least 12 years of age, customer must be at least 54” in height, and must be in good health. (All customers will sign a medical waiver prior to boarding).

Q: What kind of health issues would prevent someone from going on the BOB Underwater Adventure?

A: Anyone with major heart problems, recent ear and sinus surgeries, severe asthma, history of seizures, etc. The medical waiver explains in more detail the health limitations of our passengers.

Q: Do I have to have any scuba diving or snorkeling experience to enjoy the BOB?

A: Absolutely not! That is the beauty of the BOB, it is suited for almost anyone.

Q: Will it be a problem to wear my contacts in the BOB?

A: No. As a matter of fact, you can wear your regular glasses if you want. Your head will be in an air bubble so it will be no different than if you were on land.

Q: How safe is this excursion?

A: Extremely safe. There are a number of reasons that make the BOB one of the safest things you can do as far as watersports. We keep the depth of the BOB’s between 8-10 feet. There is a tether (line) attached to the BOB which is attached to a buoy that floats on the surface. In this manner, you are never deeper than the average swimming pool. Also at this depth, the colors are brighter and there is little issue with pressure. You will be surrounded by certified divers who are always within 5-10 feet. Because of the unique design features of the BOB, it is impossible to tip over, allowing the fresh air in the bubble to escape. We give detailed instructions on the boat ride out that explains any and all safety measures.

Q: Does the motor in the BOB cause damage to the sea life?

A: Not at all. The BOB is propelled utilizing battery power, so no emissions, gases, or liquids are dispensed into the environment.

Q: Will there be pictures taken during my excursion that I can purchase?

A: Yes. You can purchase pictures in an assortment of sizes.

Note: We are not booking excursions at this time.