What is a BOB?

B.O.B. is an acronym for “Breathing Observation Bubble.” A good way to describe the BOB would be to say, “It is a high-tech underwater scooter without wheels.” Truly though, it is an effortless way to cruise around underwater for extended periods of time without the constraints of any specialized equipment attached to your person. No snorkel or regulator in your mouth, heavy gear on your back or leaky masks on your face and no complicated training needed. BOB is the future of underwater exploration.

BOBdive is proud to offer the one and only original BOB. While there are some aftermarket or “knock-off” BOB types in the marketplace, BOBdive is excited to be working with the inventor and engineering genius of the true BOB fame.

Our BOB’s are the brand-new version released from the manufacturer, technologically superior to the older BOB versions. These models are faster with more thrust, have a 25% larger visibility range, are much more rider-friendly, less cumbersome, and will enhance your overall BOB experience.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? That’s because it is. As a matter of fact, it may be the most exciting and fun portion of your trip, vacation or lifetime. With a boost like that we want you to be prepared with everything you need to know to enhance the BOB experience even more.

To see some of the most commonly asked questions and answers, please read our FAQ page.